Hello, my name is Shaik Imran!

I am a student interested in every aspect of the software industry and very keen to dive deep into software technologies, frameworks and tools of my interest. I do things that address, solve and simplify people’s lives 🙂. Moreover, I add a personal touch to anything I build to make sure that it is easy to use and gives the best User Experience. I have built many personal as well as public use projects as shown below which has really made things simpler in the life of people and solved issues of the bad experience.

SKILLS / skillS

Python Development

Can do automation, build apis, amazing utilities, bots, site backends and a lot more with one of my love of my life 😜.

Web scraping

One of amazing skills i have developed over years is web scraping. Examples are in projects section.


Automation has been one of my most interested things i often do, making life a little bit easier for my self with things i do everyday.

Telegram Bots

I believe telegram is the world's most powerful and trustworthy app. I have build very useful bots in such an environment and i am proud of it.

web development

I have done 100% of backend stuff. Frontend was partially built by me.



This website was built using Sanic framework which was made to go fast being an asynchronous framework and is very similar to Flask.


I'm very thankful to myself cause of having at least intermediate skills in it. I have worked with MySQL, sqlite, Oracle DBMS etc database technologies.


I am pretty new to Django framework and i found that Django is worth the hype.





  • 2020

    Video Creator / Editor

    Social Work organisation

    Worked for a month as a video creator and editor. Made 4+ videos regarding many events. One of the best on their YouTube channel

  • 2021

    Chapter Embedding

    Personal project / useful utility

    Allows you to embed chapter timestamps into offline videos.

  • 2021

    All Utility Bot

    A fully featured telegram bot.

    This is my most interesting projects i have made in a while. It can do many things like downloading any ebook, qr code generations, password and passphrase generations, youtube search etc.


  • 2012 - 2015

    Studied at Bhashyam Public School

    8th to 10th, School

    Scored 88%. Made a lot of good friends.

  • 2016 - 2018

    Studied at Bhashyam JR. College

    Intermediate College (11th and 12th)

    Scored 83%. Most memorable, happy and joyful moments and incidents of my life. Days don't come back.

  • 2018 - 2022

    Studied at PBR. VITS


    flash moment.